Founder and CEO | Investible

Club Kidpreneur Founder and CEO

From scaling some of the highest mountains in the world, to working with Richard Branson on the future of philanthropy, exiting his business for over $100m and captaining Australia in the World Elephant Polo Championships, Creel Price is the high-octane adventurer at the forefront of what he now calls The Entreprenaissance.

Creel had launched eight businesses before he left school and a further two at university. At age 25 he then co-founded Blueprint Management Group with just five thousand dollars in capital which he grew to 1,000 staff and sold a decade later for $109 million. 

From there, Creel turned his hand to developing a rich methodology for entrepreneurship which he has infused into all subsequent endeavours including Club Kidpreneur and his latest start-up Investible.

Since 2011 Creel has dedicated his time to fostering entrepreneurship on a global scale. He has trained South African entrepreneurs at the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship using his Decisionship methodology and was Founding Director of Global Ethics Australia which has funded over $5 million worth of Play Pumps in Africa from sales of One Water worldwide.

He is author of best selling business book The One Thing to Win at the Game of Business, is a LinkedIn Influencer with a following of more than 100,000 and is an in-demand keynote speaker globally.

Creel’s work has stretched from the Papua New Guinea highlands to the Melbourne prison system to tomato farming cooperatives in Zimbabwe and the UN’s Global Accelerator in New York. It is his dedication to using the power of business for good that lead Sir Richard Branson to describe Creel as “the living, breathing definition of an entrepreneur” in his book Screw Business as Usual.


Founder and CEO | Entropolis

CO-FOUNDER and Chair | Club Kidpreneur

For over 15 years I built an international career in marketing communications and business development for leading global agencies, focusing on APAC markets.
Tania left the corporate world in 2010 to co-found social enterprise Club Kidpreneur and actively invest in businesses aligned to our vision of a world driven by entrepreneurial endeavour. This includes our Club Kidpreneur entrepreneurial education programs for students in Years 4-6 to support the Australian government’s $1 billion Innovation Agenda.

Tania launched an EdTech, Entropolis, this year to scale Club Kidpreneur’s IP globally and create an online destination to inspire, educate and connect entrepreneurs of the future.

Attending Google for Entrepreneurs Trailblazers Summit (2013), UN Global Accelerator (2014) and an entrepreneurship gathering on Richard Branson’s Necker Island (2015) sharpened her drive to foster entrepreneurial mindsets, embed entrepreneurial DNA in the next generation and create a scalable, impactful education pathway to support the next generation as they build the skillset needed for the 21st century.



General Manager | Club Kidpreneur

Gemma Alker is an accomplished, influential leader with a proven track record as an entrepreneurial and strategic professional. She has more than 17 years’ experience driving stakeholder engagement strategies in both large complex organisations in education, events, and the utilities sector, as well as in the bootstrapped world of not-for-profits.

For the past eight years she has driven communication and partnership strategies in the education sector, first at Bond University and now at the Club Kidpreneur Foundation, where she leads the organisation to scale the business and drive a national movement of entrepreneurship education in primary schools. Working with one of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs, Gemma has a deep understanding of the entrepreneur mindset, and current political innovation strategies.

Gemma has worked with some of Australia’s leading brands including Business Chicks, Australian Rugby Union, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, SIDS and Kids Red Nose Day and NAB. She has a Bachelor of Business (Communication) and has served on several not-for-profit boards.