Module 5When considering whether to run the CK Challenge program we know it is helpful to see what the curriculum itself actually looks like to implement. So here is a sneak preview of a Club Kidpreneur module including curriculum links to show how it can be implemented in the classroom.

With lesson plans for all 12 modules ready to go, the program can be run in class within one subject or integrated across several KLA’s including Maths, English or Technologies, Business and Economics, The Arts and Science. If you’re in NSW, the program has stacks of links to PDHPE outcomes too.

Each module is designed for multiple learning styles and invites students into inquiry-based learning. Below is the learning sequence for Module 5, which guides students through defining their target market of customers in order to research and design a product that meets their needs.


  1. WATCH
  2. DISCUSS (optional)  
    • Discuss the module topic with your students using the notes provided.
      • What is a target market?
      • Conducting market research into customer needs and preferences
      • Deciding product design features to meet customer needs
      • Using job titles and business cards to connect with a target market
    • Using the module worksheet students will practice identifying targets markets for well-known products and write descriptive profiles for each type of customer.
      • (ENGLISH – communicating for different purposes / creative writing.)
    • Students now choose the target market for their own product and write a creative profile to describe their key characteristics.
      • (ENGLISH – communicating for different purposes / creative writing.)
      • (PDHPE (NSW) – decision making)
    • Next they design and conduct market research to start planning a product design that suits their target market’s needs and preferences.
      • (SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGIES – investigation & gathering data.)
      • (MATHEMATICS –Select & apply problem solving strategies. Explanation of reasoning.)
      • (PDHPE (NSW) – problem solving)
    • Students choose their job title and fill in the Kidpreneur Business Cards provided, to promote and communicate business information to their target market.
      • (ENGLISH – communicating in context and to different audiences.)
    • At the end of the modules, students are asked to check in to see if they are on track to meet their goal from module 2. They must consider: “will there be enough people in our target market at market day to sell enough products to meet our sales goal? If not, what changes do we need to make?”
      • (PDHPE (NSW) – decision making)

This lesson is one of 12 Ready Set Go curriculum modules, which all follow a similar structure. Each module can be delivered in 30 minutes or up to 2 hours, depending on how in-depth you choose to go with each part of the lesson. While we provide a suggested structure, we encourage you as a teacher to also be entrepreneurial in how you adapt each module to your students’ needs.

The program is flexibly designed to be customised for varied school contexts. If you were planning to do the CK Challenge across one school term, we recommend delivering it in 1-2 hours per week with a market day at the end of term.

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