Terms of Service

As with any online activity, appropriate behaviour and parental supervision and involvement is a condition of use at Club Kidpreneur. The online safety and enjoyment of our users is our priority.

All games, images, text and artwork featured on the Club Kidpreneur website are the property of Club Kidpreneur. Material cannot be used or reproduced without written permission. Contact us to obtain permission.

Here are some tips for kidpreneurs to ensure online safety on the Club Kidpreneur website:

Don’t post any information online which identifies who you are. E.g. phone number, full name, your home address, email address, web addresses, references to any other online profiles or pages you may have, the name of your school, or even sport clubs or other activities you participate in. The only place Club Kidpreneur will ask for some of these details is when you first sign up to the Club by filling out the registration form. We only ask for the absolutely necessary details and these are stored securely and not shared with anyone. Never share any of these details anywhere else on our site. Use an “undercover” codename as your username instead of your real name. Make sure your codename is not inappropriate, rude or offensive. Never share your password with anyone except your parents. Do not post any information online which could be rude, inappropriate, insulting, racist or offensive. If someone says or does something on this website or anywhere on the Internet that makes you feel uncomfortable, or if they ask for your personal information, stop talking to them and tell your parents right away. Never agree to get together with someone you meet online without first checking with your parents. If your parents agree to the meeting, be sure that it is in a public place and bring an adult with you. Do not post any pictures of yourself on the Club Kidpreneur website. You can post heaps of pictures of your business and your products, but make sure you or your friends and family are not in the photos. Always follow your family’s rules for Internet use.

As with any online activity, we encourage parents to stay aware, involved and engaged with their children’s behaviour. We always do our best to remind our Kidpreneurs to stay safe while on our site, but you can help too, not just on our website, but with all your kids’ online adventures, by reinforcing the tips above.